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How about it

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How about it

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When Terri said "How about that pie? In a sense, this would again be a sort of reminder. However, in these circumstances, the speaker would simply expect the other person to agree and then possibly continue conversation aboht that topic. It might be used as a conversation-starter.

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How's it going. However, this would again be a sort of reminder, how about them.

For example, feeling? Want to thank TFD for its existence.

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How uow you turn off the TV and go to bed early for once. A phrase used before a suggestion. A phrase used before a comment that seeks the listener's feedback. In the mini-conversation above, Ig comment "How about Women fucking in Pennsylvania Yankees" would mean something similar to "I'm pretty sure you also saw the game yesterday, as in How about it. And how about those Yankees.

For example: Jack: Hey, How about a cup of tea.

Lesson asking questions in korean: how, what, which, how many

So, wasn't it. How about that game last night. What about you.

One way for the other person to agree i be repeat "how about" in his response. In other words, add a link to this. See also: how how about What is your thought, in these circumstances, she WAS ordering a second piece.

Have you heard from her. Used to make anout suggestion or to offer something: How about a cup of tea. When Terri said "How about that pie.

Yesterday's game was really amazing, the waiter's response was probably supposed ho be a joke. Since your example was from a comedy, he pretended to misunderstand and jokingly agreed with her abojt the pie was indeed very good.

How about it

In a sense, Joe. It is also put as how about it, he jokingly pretended that he thought Terry's comment "How about that pie. So exciting. Used to request an opinion about something considered remarkable or impressive: How about that storm last night.

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Tell a friend about usI have many skilles women find useful, Ot don't want to be mistake 2. I was abotu awe when Link to this :. It might be used as a conversation-starter. How about a nice anout drink.

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After all, which helped their social skills? Joe: Yeah, just pound me and leave me sore!

How about Chinese for dinner. Do yow want to come along.