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Zeus was the supreme god of Olympus - god of light, of the sky, of thunder and lightning.

Above this he was monitoring the order and justice in the world, being responsible for punishing the murderers and protecting the weaks.

Zeus was the sizth son of the Titans Cronos and Rhea. Cronos was warned by an oracle that one of his sons will overthrow him , just as he did with his father Uranum. To prevent this, he swallowed all his five children born to Rhea. Rhea hid the newborn Zeus in a cave in Crete, and she tricked Cronos into swallowing a rock wrapped in blankets. Zeus was raised in secret on the island of Crete. When he became grown up enough , helped by the three Cyclopes (killed later by Apollon), Zeus released his brothers and sisters from Cronos stomach (Demeter, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Poseidon), and together defeated his father and the Titans. The Cyclopes have Zeus the famous thunderbolts, and he was declared the supreme god. He devided the creation among Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon received the sea and Hades - the underworld. Zeus took the sky, being the main authority on earth and the mount of Olympus. So he remained the sovereign of the whole world, the mortals and the gods.

His attributes were: the thunderbolts, the shield, the sceptre, sometimes the eagle.

People of the Brazen Age were doing many crimes, being arrogant and profane, they did not obey the Olympus gods. The Thunderer Zeus became angry on them, especially he showed his anger on king Likaon. He came to him Lkosura as a mortal. He gave the inhabitants a sign, for them to know who he was and to honour him as God. Only Likaon didn't want to praise Zeus and was jeering at those who did. Likaon decided to test if Zeus was the real God. So, he killed a hostage, half of whom he fried and half boiled, and put it on the table for Zeus. The Thunderer became very angry and destroyed the palace of Likaon by a thunderbolt, and converted Likaon into a wolf.

As the people became more impious, and Zeus decided to kill all the people. He sent on Earth such a strong cloud-burst to sink everything. All the people and nature was destroyed, except those who built an ark. This was the Great Flood.

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