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Paros is the island for every one.... Parikia with its beach promenade, boasting for its spectacular sunset and Naoussa, a picturesque fishing harbor, are the most popular resorts of the island.

Paros Greece
Numerous cafes, bars, "ouzeri" and tavernas are lined on waterfront, while the traditional white narrow streets leading to the inner part of villages are a "paradise" for photographers and shoppers. The famous "Ekatontapiliani" church (church of 100 doors) in Parikia, is the highlight of the island and the many interesting monasteries up on the hills, accessible by walking through valleys full of butterflies and wild flowers are considered major attractions.

One of the main attractions on Paros is the abundance of excellent golden sandy beaches and coves available for swimming, water sports and all day long activities. The "Meltemi" wind in the Cyclades also means that this lovely island is a great windsurfing center. An open-air cinema, live music venues, bars and big nightclubs are part of the busy nightlife.

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