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Covering 165 square miles, Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades Island and is located among Pares, Amorgos and Myconos. Naxos offers a variety in landscape combining the seashore with green mountains and valleys, beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque villages and many archaeological and historic sites.

Naxos Greece
Chora, the charmingly beautiful main town, built in traditional cycladic style, is the main commercial center of the island. Here, the marble ruins of the temple of Apollo are an enchanting insight of the island's past. In contrast, modern scenes overflow from the terraces of the many bars and tavernas all along the busy waterfront. Water sports, such as wind surfing, water ski and Jet Ski are available on the beaches while well-organized excursions and tours are made on the island. A variety of accommodations offer pleasant stay in Naxos, which is connected by regular boat services to Piraeus, Santorini and the rest of Cyclades islands.

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