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The meaning of the word "myth" is coming from mythos - prediction. The main idea is a narration about Greek gods and heroes. There is an opinion that the cause of the origin is story - telling. We can see the earlier elements of the religion, philosophy and sciences. The legends are transmitted by oral tradition from generation to generation, that is why there are different variants. The tradition often reflects the real events. It's thought that Troy well known by Homer's poems was invented. But when Ilion discovered this legendary city, the humanity has received the proof of ancient legends.

The Trojan War
Once upon a time on the fear of gods, Zeus called upon Paris to judge the beauty of the three Goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. Each of them promised and tried to bribe Paris into choosing them. He choose Aphrodite and she promised him the love of Helen. She was Menelaos wife. Then in Troy he claimed his rights as the true prince. Later he went off to Sparta tempted and took by force Helen, then he returned in Troy. Menelaos was angry when he found out what has happened, he decided to conquer Troy. Thanks to Sparta, Menelaos tried for nine years to penetrate.

One of the mornings, Trojan observed that all of Menelaos warriors had disappeared, were left only one wounded man and a large wooden horse. The Trojan took a man and a horse into. The man told about the horse, as if it was a present for Troy. Trojan left the horse in the center of the city. That night Menelaos warriors got out of the construction and killed a lot of man, and destroyed the city.

The main cause of that war was a passion. Except the theme of love, "Troy" tells about the brutal reality of the war.

Apollon / Daedalus / Heracles / Minos / Zeus

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