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Minos was the son of Zeus. When Zeus was leaving Crete he ordered the King of Crete to marry Europe, Minos's mother. When Minos replaced this King on the throne he turned to be the wisest of the governors. Zeus helped his son with advices, meeting him in a cave of the mountain, where according to the myths Zeus was born.

First Minos united Crete and gave its inhabitants united statute. After that he sent envoys to spread this statute in other lands. He overrode some other lands and founded some cities. In the north he found rich bed of silver. Minos cleaned all seas around from pirates, and destroyed their shelters.

Minos lived in the capital of Crete. Beside the fleet a bullheaded copper guard protected the Island Crete from strangers. This guard three times a day rounded the island and threw stones to all enemy ships, approaching the island.

One day Poseidon gave Minos a wonderful bull, for Minos to sacrifice this bull. But Minos decided to hold this bull and left it in his herds. He sacrificed an ordinary horse to Poseidon instead of it. Poseidon was offended and sent to Pasiphae, Minos's wife, an unnatural passion to this bull ( Heracles beat this indomitable bull and traveled on it through the sea back home. ). Famous Master from Athens Daedalus helped her to meet this wish. Daedalus constructed a wooden cow, having got inside of which Pasiphae could start her relations with this bull. In time she brought Minotaur - a monster with human body and head of a bull.

Pasiphae died during child-birth, and Minos dedicated the Minotaur to Zeus. According to the order of Minos Daedalus built a labyrinth, in which Minotaur was kept.

One of Minos's sons was a famous athlete. Once he has won the competition with Athenian youth.

The governor of Athens, Aegeus, decided to destroy him having sent to real danger. When news about the death of his son reached Minos, he was making sacrifice. Minos tore off his wreath and stopped flautist. Minos got an idea to revenge. With the help of his fleet he conquered Athens and demanded a yearly tribute of young men and girls for the Minotaur. It continued until Theseus, the son of Aegeus, killed this beast.

Meanwhile Minos offered Daedalus to stay forever in Crete, but Daedalus declined this proposal. As he did so much for the King of Crete and because of it he was so dear for Minos, the latter prohibited any ships to take Daedalus on the board. In this situation Daedalus had nothing to do but to escape from Minos by means of wings, which he contrived of feathers stitched to ribs of willow glued with the wax. So he made a migration with his son Icarus from the Island Crete to the seaboard of Asia Minor, then to Sicily. One day Icarus flew too close to the sun, the wax holding the feathers to the wings melted and Icarus fell into the sea and was drowned.

At that time Minos decided to find his favourite Daedalus. He took a shell of a triton with him and promised recompense to everybody who managed to thread a needle into the shell. He was absolutely sure that only Daedalus was capable to solve this problem. So, in his searches Minos came to a town in Sicily and offered to the King of this town to cope with this task. The King agreed as he hoped for the help of Daedalus who was on visit to him at that time. The master has bound the needle to an ant and let it into the mouth of the shell. From another side of the shell he made a whole and smeared it with honey. Honey was the bait for this ant. Having seen the result the King Minos understood that Daedalus was hiding in this town, so he demanded Daedalus's extradition. But in this story Gods, that always have their own ideas about one's life, meddled again with Daedal's lot. Daughters of the hospitable King liked Daedalus so much that they did not want to part with their favourite master, who made so many wonderful toys for them. So they found the way how to get rid of Minos. Daedalus made a chimney in the roof of the bath-house and when Minos was washing himself lots of boiling water was poured out onto him. So minos found Daedalus and his death.

He demanded a yearly tribute of young men and girls from Athens for the Minotaur. After his death, he became a judge in Hades.

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