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There's no place quite like Ios: the beaches are long and sandy and the nightlife is pretty wild. It is a young people's island, perfect for carefree, lazy days and very late nights.
The arid landscape, the Rocky Mountains and the scant vegetation are the main features of the real impressive scenery of the island there are only a few fertile valleys ending in beautiful beaches with crystal clear water. The two most popular ones are Gialos, at the port, and Mylopotas 10-15 minutes ride away.
The island history is long and it is related with the death of the ancient poet Homer. Chora, the main village of the island, located on a hill overlooking the harbor, is a typical sample of Cyclades architecture with narrow streets, whitewashed houses, many churches and some old windmills on its northern edge. The numerous clubs and bars are the center of the vivid night life, which seems to be a big party of young people strolling around, drinking singing and dancing all night long. "Big Blue" movie was shot in los. The island also holds many cultural activities and local festivals to which guests are usually invited to join, A great variety of properties for any standard and budget are ready to accommodate visitors from all over the world. The island is easily accessible by ships running frequently from Piraeus, Rafina and some of the major cycladic islands.

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