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Hercules (Heracles) was a perfect athlete. He was to become the Lord of all Perseus's descendants and to govern all the earth peoples. But tricky intrigues between Gods prevented him from it. Hera, a goddess, who pursued Heracles during his whole life even before birth, heard that Zeus promised the first child, born that day, to become the Lord. She interfered into the subject and forced the wife of Zeus's grandson to give birth before mother or Heracles Alcmene managed to do it. Thus Heracles lost his title but his famous power was with him. The first demonstration of Heracle's capacity happened those very days when he was still a little baby. Hera sent 2 big snakes to the baby, but Heracles suffocated them. To look at it a famous blind prophet Tiresias came and predicted a great future to the baby.

Gods and demigods undertook his education. Heracles was taught wrestling and fisticuffs, fight with weapon and tactics, managing with the bow. He learned reading, writing, music and other sciences. He knew all laws of the Heaven and Earth. One day 18 years old Heracles faced ambassadors of the King that demanded to render shameful tribute. Heracles declared war to this King, won it and made them render twice higher tribute. Heracles after this war returned home being a famous victor. Gods awarded him for this: Apollon gave the bow with arrows, Hermes - a nice sword, Hephaestus - gold discus. As an award for saving his town, the King gave his elder daughter and for 5 years Heracles lived happily, Gods sent him 3 sons. But Hera knew no rest. Thus one day she sent to Heracles attack of madness: being in this condition he pounced on his sons and 2 sons of his friend and killed them. Having recovered he went away to live separately.

Voyage of the Argonauts
One day Heracles decided to join the Argonauts. On their way to Colchis for the Golden Fleece Argonauts stopped near a small Island Lemnos, inhabited with only women. Not long before these women have exterminated all their men. Heracles and his beloved friend left to watch the ship the Argo.

The Argonauts were spending time with numerous feasts, orgies and pleasures. In two years Heracles lost all his patience. One day he came into this town with a torch in his hands and started waking up his friends with shouts "Alarm, Danger!!". When half-dressed heroes gathered on the ship Heracles reminded them of the goal of their voyage and the Argonauts felt ashamed. Women tried to keep them but none of the Argonauts left.

During another stoppage of the Argonauts, Heracles's friend went to look for water. A nymph saw him near a spring and when he leaned forward to the water, the nymph caught his arm and carried this man away under the water. The Argonauts searched for him for long, but having not found they decided to go on with their voyage. Heracles however left in this place as he did not want to continue this trip without his friend.

On his way back home Heracles passed by Troy and he got an idea to take a ship from Troy. So he entered this city. Heracles was quite surprised at sad faces of the inhabitants of Troy. People explained him that they all were in mourning for the daughter of the Troy King. The Trojan King did not pay share to Poseidon, god of the Sea, and Apollon, when they together erected the walls of Troy. To revenge Poseidon sent a sea monster, which started frightening the city. To calm this monster down the daughter of the King had to be sacrificed. Heracles volunteered to kill this beast but with the only condition, that the King gives him a team of quick like wind mares. The Trojan King received them as a redemption-fee for his son Ganymedes, stolen by Zeus. The Trojan King had nothing better to do but to agree. Thus Heracles went to the seashore and developed there tactics. He raised a bank on the seashore and got ready to wait for the fiend.
When the monster appeared from the deep, Heracles sprang out of his cover and closed his enemy the way to the sea. After a serious and long struggle Heracles put to death the monster. When Heracles came back to the city he found that the King changed up his mind. The Trojan King felt no more danger and grudged giving his wonderful mares. Instead of his team of magic mares he offered ordinary horses to Heracles refused arguing and then the Trojan King turned Heracles out of the city. The public assembly supported their King in this decision and only the youngest son of the Trojan King spoke in favour of Heracles and said that they should have honestly given those mare to the hero.
After it Heracles directed his steps to Apollon to ask him for how long else Gods were going to be angry with him. Here he was given a piece of advice that n order to redeem his sin of the infanticide Heracles should go to the Lord and serve him. Heracles was to do 10 labours without paying - only then he would be cleaned.
During this service Heracles did

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