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The first feat: Nemean Lion

The first task was to kill the Nemean Lion, which got used to devastate the Lord's gardens and destroyed people. Heracles made a big club of the wild olive-tree trunk, having treated it up by the roots and cleared from branches and twigs. He also took his bow and arrows. So well armed he went to the suburbs of Nemea. Heracles saw the lion, carefully aimed at it and shot the arrow. But the arrow rebounded from its fell like from iron wall. The lion was invulnerable for arrows. Then our hero stroke the lion's head with his huge club. But still did not hurt him, only made the lion angrier. Heracles threw his club away and started close fight with the predatory animal. Their fight was long and bloody, but finally Heracles managed to suffocate the lion. He shouldered already dead lion and with the lofty look, which all winners have, went to the palace of the Lord. The Lord saw Heracles with his big and terrible prey and got frightened of the dead lion as well, so he turned the hero out. Other tasks were given to Heracles by means of intermediaries. As the Lord refused the trophy Heracles used the fell of lion for his own purposes. This fell was invulnerable, so one could wear it for ever. Heracles wore it till the death.

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