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Evia was originally part of the mainland and by legend has it that a blow from Poseidon's trident split it from Thessaly and Attica. The logical explanation is earthquake and subsidence.

Evia During the Paleolithic era appearance of the first man has been registered on the Evia and Skyros, in the region of New Artaki were found stone tools. Starting from the 1200 B.C. at the island has been arrived the Ionians, which has banished local inhabitants, the Avandes. During the both Macedonian wars, first and the second, region of Oreon and Chalkis, Eretria were completely destroyed by the Romans.

The king of Pontos - Mithridates have conquered the island, and wanted to transform it into the base for his expeditions against the Romans. Around the 7th century local inhabitants have left the city Chalkis and have settled in the west near the Euripus hill, where they have constructed the wall in order to protect themselves. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire and its division the island Evia was taken over by three Lombard Noblemen.

Later, the kingdom of Negreponte, became a well organized commercial center. During the Ottoman Empire, Evia were together with the eastern mainland, an administrative region with location in Chalkis.

While the Ottoman occupation Evia was in the terrible oppression and Chalkis have been transformed into a fortress, because of its significant geographical position. The island became independent long after the declaration of Greek Independence.

It's kind of hard to explain, but i'll try. it looks like a mini church, with small doors and windows, the doors can be opened , and you might find a white candle inside. Thiese little cathedrals are set on a place, that is considered to be saint afterwards. usually it means, that this was the exact spot of somebody's death or salvation! it's near the haliada beach, evbay.
In next years Evia became a country with the capital - Chalkis. In the same county as a large island are also the islands of Skyros and the northern Sporades, on its development were the main concern.

The bridge over the channel of Euripos and the railway connection with Athens was the only board to the progress of the county. The economy of the country was developed with the help of tourism industry.

In nowadays Evia is a highly developed country with cultural element, its tradition and tourist infrastructure.
If you have visited Evia - the second island which should be visited is Crete.These islands are absolutely different by its beatu & nature. Crete hotels are very comfortable and suitable for all kind of travellers. It's impossible to to be in Greece and not visit Crete, it means to lose very much. You can find more photos of Crete and Evia in our photo gallery.

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