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Dubai - is a fabulous mirage in the desert, the town from an arabic fairy tale, only with a very modern architecture.
Dubai's emergence as on of the great cities of the modern world - fashionable, cosmopolitan and tolerant - has been fostered by the unity of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the most famous town in UAE. Dubai became popular among businessmen, tourists and economically oriented persons very quickly. Dubai is the ideal destination for great holidays. Dubai boasts luxurious hotels and affordable accommodation units. Dubai is a excellent country. Dubai offers endless leisure facilities and numerous attractions. Dubai is a popular tourist destination for travellers of all ages. Due to its popularity, the Dubai Hotel's occupancy rate grow every year. Dubai is also world wide famous for its endless leisure facilities. Dubai boasts excellent hotels, which suits each travellers needs.

Probably it is going to be interesting to you to find out about unusual Dubai roads.
Of course needn't to talk about the quality of roads.
Is it possible to exceed the speed on this roads. Of course! At most parts of the road there are video cameras. However not everywhere. Being aware of such free sections of road ones can drive with any speed.
Travel to Dubai and you'll be not disappointed.

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