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Athens is the capital of Greece.

This town can attract tourists only with its Acropolis, Parthenon and the National Museum, but besides this there are a lot of beautiful, interesting and historical places.. Besides the historical places you can rest in the silence of the charming beaches under the brightening Mediterranean sun, as well as enjoying the wonderful nightlife.

Parthenon The perfect location of Athens allow the visitors to enjoy the view of the ancient theatres, travel around and visit the nearest located Islands. Agreat way to get around the city and see the sights and travel where you want and when you want much more easily.

From smoggy Athens to blindingly bright islands, ancient fragments abound - the belly button of the cosmos at Delphi, fallen columns galore on the sacred island of Delos, frescoed Minoan palaces on Crete and even, quite possibly, the remnants of Atlantis at Santorini.

Athens is a town that never sleeps. Here you can choose to visit museums and the archaeological sites or just to taste the vibrant, Greek way of life. In the countless shops, the visitors will find whatever they may need. In the taverns and restaurants they can enjoy any taste sensation, Greek, international or ethnic cuisine, in the nightclubs, discos and bars you can drink or dance the night away. Because in Athens, the fun never stops before daylight!

Athens is a large modern city and the biggest cultural center of the Europe. The population of Athens and surrounding areas is 3,5 mill.

Greek Parliament It is a modern and romantic city as well, it has busy streets and squares, places where movement never stops, but one can easily find little alleys in quiet, peaceful neighborhoods, such as Plaka that is situated near Acropolis till the Olympic Zeus Palace, Zappion Palace, stadium, where the Olympic games took place in 1896. Athens offers a large variety of sights remarkable in all over the world as National Park and the Syntagma Square, where in the antiquity the Parliament and the Government was situated.

The Plaka is the oldest section of Athens. Most of the streets have been closed to automobile traffic, though you should still keep a watchful eye for a speeding motorcycle.

Most of the restaurants are typical tourist places but the quality of food is not bad in many of them. There are a lot of open air cafes and taverns.

There are giant indoor - outdoor discos and clubs where the most famous Greek singers perform nightly to packed houses.In the summer all the big clubs by the sea open up.

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