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The Acropolis is the most famous building of Greece. It is wel l- known as an unusual historical place.

Acropolis museum. The term Acropolis means upper city on the hills of ancient Greece are built around an Acropolis. In fifth century BC, the Panthenon and other main buildings on the Acropolis were built as a monument to the inhabitants of Athens. The building was designed by the architects Kallikrates and Iktinos as the home of the giant statue of Athena. The foundation of the main building is constructed on the bases of mathematical rules.

If to look carefully at the architecture you can see a lot of things that can be missed at first glance. Like the last pillars , which are bigger than others, the stairs are curved and a lot of cracks on the monument.

The way to see Acropolis is not for free, you'll need to buy tickets.
The most beautiful time to see Acropolis is in its sunset.
Besides the Parthenon, you can see here the Church of Erechteion.

It takes about 30 min walk to get to the Acropolis from Plaka district. Plaka is an ancient area of Athens, and any renovation here is forbidden.

The Acropolis was well kept despite of the ages, till the Turk invasion. They made of Acropolis a store for the gunpowder. When the Turks were expelled from Greece, they blew up the gunpowder and the Acropolis today is the result of that explosion. Anyway, it is magnificient, being the symbol of Athens. The great impression can not be compared even with the Egyptian Pyramids. The Acropolis looks majestic, much higher than similar structures in Athens, lofty on the hills and reminding the contemporaniety about the glorious ancestors.

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