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The specific of the Greece Hotels and apartments is that the name of a lot of hotels corresponds: if you will look for the hotel by its name it may be situated in Athens, Santorini, and Crete, of other category.

Zephyros hotel Mykonos

Of cause in Greece there are 5star hotels or deluxe but this hotels are too expensive that is why there are a lot hotels of A, B, C, D class. The biggest hotels are the property of the greatest companies, but a lot of small hotels belong to the families of the local inhabitants. And only in such hotels you can feel the real Greece atmosphere.

To compare cheap Greek hotels in Athens and in Islands, we can say for sure that nearly all hotels in Islands experienced refurbishment and seem to be renewed and though plenty of hotels in Athens have been also refurbished and renovated by the Olympic Games 2004 and they do not yield in cleanliness and service level to London, Paris or Sydney hotels and are obviously better than cheap Chinese Hotels, we do recommend you to book hotels of a bit higher standards and a bit more expensive if you really want to enjoy you stay and to get good impression of Greece. It is worthy of your money!

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