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Plummer began, "By the power vested in me by the Sheriff of Selkirk and through him the King, I will noo commence interrogatin' the victim of this heinous crime. Bronwyn was supposed to be a warrior. MacRitchie, let loose with her eerie keening cry, the hullulu, as the Irish so accurately termed it, for that was the way it sounded, a long mourning-dove yell. But it would not be easy. To the north also lies the Grand Canyon. Though the first always takes longer. Are these the remains of a drowned witch or religious heretic, or are they perhaps linked to something more recent and sinister?

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And close by the coffin, the bound and gagged tinkler man was weeping too, less for the murdered lassie than for himself, he who was the accused. His voice crackled into my headphones saying, "Nah, don't bury your nose in your goddamn graphics yet. Back to Phantom Banjo. He and Plummer had been whiling away the early afternoon playing chess when the MacRitchies' servant knocked on Aunt Janet's door and told him of the lass's death never calling her by name. Maybe we're the upper-air demons. Rosie and Felicity had helped Cindy Ellis when her wicked stepmother and stepsisters tried to take all her money and make her lose her job. The problem with fast travel through or over any country, of course, is that it so thoroughly objectifies what you're seeing that you might as well be looking at a holovid screen.

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The lot of them encounter monsters, sorcerers, sea serpents, mercenary mages and sirens — many of whom are related to them. Well, maybe not a mink coat what with the way people were reacting to those things these days. She didn't call them children, she called them kids, and instead of trying to learn their names, she carelessly addressed them all as hon or darlin' or kiddo. Felicity was, Rose said, a bona fide fairy godmother. My new position amused the Indian further, for he now could gag and strangle me at the same time simply by holding my face against him with the crook of one arm. Fortunately, His Highness was descended from frost giants, and was thus of conveniently outstanding stature. Major Tom Siddons was a very nice guy, and I think he must have enjoyed working with me as much as I did with him.
I've never seen a new child bathed before. Willie stopped, listened, then continued on, stalking silent and wary, looking all around him like the soldiers on patrol in the war movies did. But Cindy had to admit her friend probably had a point. Maybe we're the upper-air demons. The Chamberlain beat a hasty retreat. The lake's Tibetan name is Lhamo Lhatso.

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